Travel insurance for digital nomads

Walking Routes in Great Britain Working in a job that does not require them to travel, let alone stay in one place, digital nomads, also known as "technomads", are the essence of telecommuting. Most of them hold tourist visas and can decide to travel while working remotely. Let's zoom in on the lifestyle of these workers and discover the precautions they need to take as digital nomads.

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a mobile worker who has the ability to work from anywhere with just their computer and a good internet connection. They have the choice to work on site or to work while traveling around the world after having subscribed to an annual travel insurance. This profession includes three different areas of specialization, all related to the digital world. The digital nomad is thus presented under three distinct profiles.

  • The freelancer: still known as independent workers, they are both entrepreneur and employee of their structure.
  • The web entrepreneur: he can either create e-commerce sites or run online start-ups;
  • The telecommuting employee: he works under contract and has certain working hours to respect.

Workplace of the digital nomad

In general, the schedule of digital workers is not tied to any specific location. This means they can work wherever they want as long as they have their basic tools with them.

Work on site
Some digital nomads prefer to work from home. They feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. This can be their bedroom or their home office. Either way, they enjoy working from home more and it hardly impacts the output they give.

Digital nomad and travel
Other nomads feel geographically free to practice their profession and decide to change countries according to their desires. While some change country or city every month, others prefer to stay in a country of their choice for a year. This has no impact on their productivity; on the contrary, a change of scenery gives them a highly sought-after performance.

The importance of travel insurance for nomads

Unexpected events are usually part of travel, so the best thing to do is to take out travel insurance. The latter allows you to avoid the slightest accident or incident. For nomads in search of adventure, two types of insurance are available. Safety wing and word Nomades insurance. Several insurance agencies also offer coverage for medical expenses.

What kind of coverage is available?

To allow digital nomads to work with ease, insurance companies offer coverage in various areas. Thus, by subscribing to a travel insurance, they benefit from a cover for emergency expenses, a cover for the reimbursement of accommodation expenses.

Following accidents or illnesses occurring abroad, the insured nomad benefits from a guarantee of physiotherapy expenses. For those who wish to bring their loved ones, the costs of accompaniment and care are covered by the travel insurance contract.

Digital nomads have a lifestyle and work style that allows them to work at any time and in any place. For those who choose to travel, it is imperative to subscribe to an annual travel insurance to limit and face unpleasant surprises.