Famous Books and Prague

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Literary escapes, where you get away. Literally!

Prague has been an inspiration for many artists around the world, including writers. Here are some tips of how to follow in the footsteps of Franz Kafka or the heroes from books by Umberto Eco or Jo Nesbø.
One of the world's most famous writers born in Prague was Franz Kafka. He lived there and is now buried in one of its cemeteries. Prague also plays a major role in his books. His relationship with the city is hard to describe but luckily we have a quote by the famous writer himself.

"Prague never lets you go. Neither me nor you. This dear little mother has sharp claws!"

You can visit Kafka´s birthplace and memorial near Old Town Square, his museum near Charles Bridge or his giant head near the National Theatre, which are also places many of Kafka's novels are set in.
In Prague you can also discover just how unbearably light being can be. Yes, we are talking about Milan Kundera, one of the most famous Czech writers who set many of his novels in the city. His characters in the Unbearable Lightness of Being lived through the most serious moments of their lives in Prague as did many others in Kundera's books.

Moreover, Prague is a place where detective stories are set. The city was chosen by Jo Nesbø and John le Carré. Umberto Eco even named one of his novels Prague Cemetery. Why? We would hate to spoil it for you, so read it and come to explore! Another famous writer did. Dan Brown visited Prague three years ago and a little bird told us his next novel might be set there!