8 must-have experiences in Buenos Aires

La Boca district of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is more than just a city. It's a microcosm that fuses the traditional and the modern. It's a city on the outside and an entire world on the inside. It's the world's widest avenue, and many narrow passageways. Buenos Aires means greeting with a handshake, and with a kiss. Buenos Aires is sporting passion. It's coffee and mate, the local infusion. It's night and day. In Buenos Aires, you will feel like part of the city. When you depart you'll leave your own footprint, and you’ll take something of us with you too.

You can pick up antiques in San Telmo, leather goods in Retiro, crafts in Plaza Francia and the latest fashion and design in Palermo. Book lovers will find plenty of places to browse on Avenida Corrientes. Sample authentic flavours Buenos Aires offers flavours for every taste: internacional, vegan, experimental, and the traditional creole barbecue, or asado. It’s recommendable to accompany a dinner with an Argentine wine and opt for dulce de leche ice cream for dessert. Order a coffee at one of the city’s bares notables.

Dance tango
Nobody should leave the city without having braved the dancefloor at a milonga (a social dance) or having witnessed a professional stage show. The International Tango Festival and World Cup is held in the city every August.

Go to a football match
Argentinians are very passionate, and even more so when it comes to football. Fervid, loyal, and very original, the clubs’ supporters are a show themselves, before the match has even begun! Many clubs also have museums and offer guided tours.

See a show at the theatre

The theatre marquees on the commercial circuit of Avenida Corrientes offer shows for everyone, from variety shows and musicals to universal classics. The best-known theatres include Lola Membrives, Astral, El Nacional, Metropolitan and Ópera.

Experience the
city’s nightlife
There are many ways to enjoy the city at night: clubs, pubs, cultural centres, speakeasy-style bars and much more. Visitors can find popular music in the clubs on the northern riverside, Argentine rock in San Telmo and indie in Palermo.

Discover the city’s
traditional side
On Sundays and public holidays, a huge fair takes place in the Mataderos neighbourhood. There you’ll find crafts, typical food, and creole shows of folk dancing and horsemanship. This is a chance to discover the world of the gauchos’ country traditions without even leaving the city. The fair takes places from 11am to 8pm, March to December.

Get outdoors

Buenos Aires boasts hundreds of parks and squares where you can walk, rest, read or practise sport. The Palermo rose garden, the Ecological Reserve and the Japanese Garden are some of the city’s most impressive green spaces. The city has a large network of cycle lanes which, accompanied by the Ecobici free 24-hour bikeshare scheme, makes exploring Buenos Aires on two wheels a great option.

See the city from above
From a height, visitors can discover a skyline of domes, towers and details not visible from the ground. Palacio Barolo, Galería Güemes, Kirchner Cultural Centre and the National Library all offer spectacular views.